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• Driver: Minimum and Maximum age is 23 and 75years of age accordingly.
The Driver is required to have and display a valid Drivers” Licence issued at least a year ago.Citizens of non- Eu countries are required to have a valid international drivers licence along with their original drivers licence.

• Reservations-Payments: All reservations are based on a vehicle category and not a certain car model. In case of no availability for a confirmed  reservation, the supplier reserves  the right  to offer a vehicle of bigger category to the customer with no extra charge. The renter is required to present a valid Credit card(visa or mastercard) for the rental guarantee with adequate balance. The reservation is settled on the first day of cash or credit or debit card(visa or mastercard) use of Piraeus Bank’s secure system. Cash rebate is 7%off.

• Vehicle collection & return: When the vehicle is collected, the driver- renter will be given a rental agreement which he has to check and sign, showing all the services and insurance provided, as well as any additional services / insurance that the driver-renter might request with their respective charges . It is very important that the driver-renter  checks and reports any means of damages on the vehicle in order to avoid any charges regarding damages caused by a previous tenant. Existent damage  is noted on the agreement before signing.
The driver –renter  agrees to return the car to the same condition as received, at the location, time and date specified in the contract, otherwise the driver renter will be liable to indemnify Anna rent a car in addition to the normal rental charge. When the vehicle is delivered, it is checked by the customer and by our company. New damages  are paid locally by the driver of the vehicle mentioned in the contract.

• Fines-Penalties: You are responsible for the cost of any parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst the vehicle is on rent to you.

• Cancellations: In case of cancellation in period:
-Over 15 days from the rental, the full amount of the deposit or prepay is refunded. The company has the right to reserve a 5% of the full amount of the deposit or prepay for file expences and web banking reservation  expences.
-Between 15 and 7days from the date of the rental,30%  of the full amount of the deposit or prepay is refunded.
-Less than 7daysfrom the date of the rental, there is no amount for refund.
-For last minute(non show) cancelation,50% of the total amount is charged.
The cancelation must be sent in writing to our e-mail.

• Advances:
From 15 july until 31 August  Advance payment equal to 20% of the total amount.

You can pay you Deposit amount via the follow our Greece Bank Accounts.

ACCOUNT NO. : GR2801104520000045274499842
ACCOUNT NO. : GR9001713520006352020011420

• Credit cards: We accept Credit Cards ( VISA  OR MASTERCARD )

• Additional  Driver: The second driver is free of charge.

• Infant and child seats: The first one is free of charge and the second one is charged 2euro per day with a maximum charge of 30euro.

• Ferry  restrictions: It is strictly forbidden to transfer the rented car by boat without the permission of Anna rent a car.

• TAXES: All rates are subject to 23% VAT.

• Fuel Policy: The renter is opliged to return the vehicle with the same ammount of fuel as it had when collected.In the case of returning the vehicle with less fuel,the renter will be charged with the fuel difference.No refunds are  issued for vehicle returned with more fuel than when collected.

• Insurances: Our vehicles are insured against third party damages according to the Greek Law  to an insurance company. These covers do not exempt the lessee from  damage to the rented vehicle.The lessor may provide the lessee with the following coverage per incident and with the corresponding charges,provided that the damages is not due to a violation of the Road Traffic Code(eg violation of a STOP shine,illegal overtaking,illegal parking,driving under the influence of alcohol,narcotics,etc).

CDW-Collision damage waiver:
The driver can reduce his responsibility for the lawful participation for each damage of the vehicle:
1.At 700euro plus value added tax(VAT) for categories A,A1,B,C,C1 with an additional cost 7euro per day.
2.At 950euro plus  value added tax(VAT) for categories D,E with an additional cost 9,5euro per day.
3.At 1500euro plus  value added tax(VAT) for category F with an additional cost 13,5euro per day.

SCDW-super collision damage waiver:
The driver can reduce his responsibility  for the lawful participation for each damage of the vehicle:
1.At 100euro plus  value added tax(VAT) for categories A,A1B,C,C1 with an additional cost of 6euro per day.
2.At 350euro plus value added tax(VAT) for categories D,E with an additional cost of 6euro per day.
3.At 900euro plus value added tax(VAT) with an additional cost of 6euro per day.

No insurance cover is valid:
If the driver of the vehicle is not authorized by Anna rent a car and therefore is not included as a driver in the rental agreement. Damage to the car if driven to unpaved roads.
Damage to the tires, wheels,  locks, keys (charge 350 euro), glass, mirror wipers, roof, antenna, bottom of the car, inside the car, as well as thefts of personal items.

• Taxes & VAT: Prices include all legal taxes and 24% VAT.

• Terms and Values: Prices and conditions may change without notice.

• Privacy: The processing of the data provided by the Customer relates only to the procedures necessary for the reservation, furthermore no transfer of data takes place.

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